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This Little Light of “Ours”

On December 26, 2015, my daughters, two stuffed unicorns, a Mini Schnauzer, the head of an English Mastiff and I crowded into a tiny shower.  We sang songs about Jesus and played with a flashlight while tornado sirens blared in … Continue reading

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Who’s Encouraging My Children?

I’m working to move a lot of my personal, pen and paper journal to this blog. This post was from my journal and was written to me from me. As a Christian parent, I am often moved by the supporting … Continue reading

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Moment of Silence

In the wake of the horrible terrorist attack in California, the attack in Paris, and mass shootings across the country, many seem to be asking, “Where’s God?” The front page of the NY Daily News shouts “GOD ISN’T FIXING THIS.”  … Continue reading

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Worthy of Mercy

It seems the world is full of anger these days.  Someone accidentally cuts another driver off in traffic and the end result lands the cutoff driver in a court room for attempted murder.  Kids are posting videos of classmates fighting … Continue reading

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