A Mother’s Heart

She held the infant tightly and kissed his newborn head.

She knew their days were numbered for the king wanted him dead.

She saw that he was beautiful and prayed to never forget his face.

She dreamed of watching him grow old but grieved – he must leave this place.

Twelve weeks she kept him in the darkness and delighted in his touch.

But the ability to hide him grew to be too much.

Her heart broke into a million pieces as she covered the basket with pitch and tar.

She cried out to God to save him – the king’s men were not too far.

She held the basket tightly as she prayed for strength to let go.

His sister stayed to watch and returned saying, “Lo! The daughter of Pharaoh!”

The princess’ maidens fetched the basket and revealed the inside.

Behold the boy was crying.  The princess wiped his eyes.

She would make the boy a prince but couldn’t provide his food.

His sister humbly said, “I know a mother to help – a servant Hebrew.”

She held her infant tightly and kissed his tiny head.

Tears of joy stained her face – her God had a different plan instead.

She praised her King for His faithfulness.

And watched her infant become historical greatness.


About alora1018

As I face personal challenges, I find the more time I spend in His word, the easier I rest in His arms. I will use this blog to express thoughts and emotions as I spend time in His word.
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